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it is to afterwards recognize the full blown reality.

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=and those who have done so have almost immediately taken

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Fio. 14. — Perforated root; considerable loss of bone,

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2. The flesh of tuberculous cattle, as already stated, is less infec-

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opinion that this and Friedreich's disease both consist in a family tend-

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Venesection was fully practiced, but without any apparent good effect. The perspiration

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Van Tieqheu, P. Recherches pour servir k I'histoire physiologique des muc^in^.

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there comes the slighest indication of the approach-

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This idea was soon disposed of. The Flight Surgeon gained the

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u|)on healthy or morbid tissue in any other situation.

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speak of here, in passing, which are useful as an aid

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Arch. med. beiges, Brux., 1890, 3. s., xxxvii, 239-245.—

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Having in mind the very definite relation of the streptococcus to

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is now entrusted to the Faculty itself, which has become, in

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ter the general condition of the patients, both of those circumstances

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influence of the pouch was far from negligible is shown by the results.

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breadth. The fluoroscope revealed a normal-sized heart and

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"The Georgia Practician/' a new monthly medical journal under the

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the pulmonary cavity we recommend the use of a double, soft-rubber

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Hot Stage. — The patient next experiences a sense of heat which comes

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a/Us yvr^a-l^-tyC-T' < / t*rT_ < 3Ce^u /O^uiJtj c-on^t^o^yt^^cci^i&jzxi /t/, /c^~€j t£o /j^cr<j~~

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thread on the sharp edge until it had been cut in two,

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tonic contraction of the trunk muscles. This also took place

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mitted to the relatives of the deceased ; also to the Epis-

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od, are amongst the commoner causes. An elongated or

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Hog cholera bacilli can live in the ground for at least three months.

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favorably mentioned given internally for uterine hemorrhage he has had

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of finding these mild cases of scurvy ; it is claimed that the group of

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peripheral blood. This would favor the conception that the dis-

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(1,200) volumes having been contributed by Fellows of the other four

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ment. Mr. Moon's apparatus seems to be very ingenious, but, as a description

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double rupture. Of the single ruptures, complete recovery

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instead of upward and downward (forward) angles. This series of

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