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state characterized as a rule by sudden death occurring without warning
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evidence before the death of the foetus ; and, finally, it is possible that the
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as new information is contributed, but never will the full
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to try and advocate some important scientific way of putting
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work so successfully commenced by his predecessor will be carried on to
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ings until such time as he has been relieved of such disability.
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recognises his mother, and will raise his hand into the air when told to do
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impossible to keep the sinus or opening patulous for
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tioners, the quality of their patrons, and the amount of charitable
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executed in that city who were flayed after execution to f umiiih the
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^The Lathrop stock of mice was recently purchased for The Rockefeller In-
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ment, as regards these measures, is expectant and eclectic, and they will be
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changes. These are opaque, buff-colonred, dense, tough masses, rounded or
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dients to illustrate the work which adequate apparatus should be ex-
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We are in receipt of numerous communications on the
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dure he has obtained highly favourable results in gonorrhoea which may have
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Post'Mortem Examination. 24 hours after death, the blood was fluid in the blood-vessels ot
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doses of sulphate of magnesia internally. He considered the obstruc-
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epilepticus." One arm was now noticed to be contracting, and he was too help-
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Part II., in addition to the compulsory subjects contained in
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gentle efforts should be made to return the protruded
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cyclops releases the eml)ryos; this is probably what oc-
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vessels, places not only digitaHs but various other drugs in
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a reserve space is also made, as a receptacle for the
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ment resorted to if medical fails. Medical treatment
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In such bradycardias the frequency of the venous pulse may be a multiple of
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erysipelas had existed long before the man received the wound. It appeared
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ways occurs, does not bear a constant relation to the
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ality so robust, the accumulation of resources so wealthy,
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tional causes. In this group belong those imavoidable hemorrhages
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times a few, mostly seven, practitioners would com-
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the climate and diseases in our State. The excess or diminu-
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as due to a lack of force in the nutrition with conse-
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brother at least— did actually sit on the throne of France.
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doses of the poison, and the cure of the animals would most probably
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changes in the serum and in the composition of the extract which
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between himself and Dr. Snow was as to whether one could neutralize the
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contracted and granular, while chloride of sodium has
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These cases were treated with antitoxin, and if we compare them
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These cases were treated with antitoxin, and if we compare them
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is greatly prepared by mastication, which breaks and reduces it
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but they become marked whenever the respiration is either deep or partially
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