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the resistance caused by the friction practically amounts to nothing.

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are simple, but sometimes stubborn, requiring time and persever-

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Marked fiat-foot showing effect of tight shoes upon toes (Fig. 16) 179

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which are considered infected must disembark their in-

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gression ; it would be short, and a useless appendage. I need

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Lemons de Therapeutique. Les Agents physiques et naturels. Par

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tion ; slight cramps in the lower extremities ; complete anorexia ;

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alveolar endothelium, as the tubal epithelium into the endothelium of the peri-

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Prognosis. — The cases associated with the acute febrile infections

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tremely grave. The day after the injection the patient's state, was

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bv the influence and assistance of the doctor, but for whom he might have

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evident when we come to treat of animal temperature, and compare the phe-

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As the man's health was rapidly giving way nndcr the irritation

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In this case I tail to see the advantage that would accrue to

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tissue of extreme delicacy ; and lastly, that there is no direct communi-

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phthalein for litmus as an indicator. The main advantage of the use

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facts warrant the view that of themselves extrasystoles are of uo great

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promotes its action -.—the opposite of antagoniBt.

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