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byopia, "p" being removed about three inches. O. S. S. ID. V. = ^??.
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Medical College of Philadelphia, etc. Ninth Edition, Thoroughly
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1. F. O., a blacksmith weighing 91 kg., had aortic insufficiency with a rapid
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tne disease then progressed in the following manner : —
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clinically sharp and positive for the years 1910, 1911, and 1912,
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traced out in detail. The nucleus of the glosso-pharyngeal nerve escaped
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some physiologists, that the smaller arteries exert a propulsive influence, upon
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even anxious to go out and see a friend. Has no appetite ; the diarrhoea continues.
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class to control. It is the urgent duty of the Local
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single stroke with the straight scissors (a b, Fig. 1).
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vation. Heads prepared in this manner have been purchased and carried
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chips and sawdust, planked up with scandalous crim-
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a short space of time the blood-pressure again falls to the
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Atlas and Epitome of Labor and Operative Obstetrics. By Dr.
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net merely tests of the internal ears. To be sure, these tests do deter-
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about a hundred pages, while the series of engravings has been increased by more than a hundred,
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made arrangements with an ice-compan}' for a net rate
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thusiasts for this form of treatment bolster their faith with
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At first the patient undergoes the usual phenomena of
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Y-NHH of which 41 patients returned for follow-up and
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was, however, not the slightest wound of the thoracic cavity detectable.
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trolled by the division surgeon terminates with the field hospitals.
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a day of rest, a decree later repeated in the Code of
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the symbols and equations altogether ; and thus che-
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specifics for certain disorders of the human frame, and not-
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There are two most excellent characteristics of a medical work well
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lithographic artist Paternal history, negative ; matemaJ
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from 16 to 25. It is also indicated that a ratio of 1.51 ancillary
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cism, and as 'good wine needs no bush," so it needs
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The views here alluded to were first looked upon with
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anesthetics. Nevertheless, if we wait for a diphtheritic
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there is already a penitentiary, is in the Adirondack
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ty Dr. Blakiston.^ Of fifty-three cases observed by this author, the pa-
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long before tricuspid regurgitation exists, mentioned by
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ments ; but is larger and thicker than the tricuspid. Generally

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