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the time during which he could be kept in hospital or at convalescent

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waxy degeneration, in tubercular disease, in calculus, in

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culation. If not at once relieved, the part becomes dead, and, in

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tomy as a means of applying antiseptic solutions directly to the mucous

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and the staphylococcus and the colon bacillus each 6 times.

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Cobbold on, 302 ; Mr. Windsor on, 319; inquiry jinto

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cure, and now that Spring is coming on, strengthen your

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cut from a quarter to a half cent below the market standard (13 cents),

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not true ; but nowadays it is more popu- the press of Parke, Davis & Co. It is a

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unusual interest. The patient, a highly respectable man, aged

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separates from the blood its peculiar fluid ; the kidneys, the

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man, Division of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Wis-

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criminal is liable to penal servitude for life or for any

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two weeks is, therefore, not always safe. When a persn

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on his hands, allowed to dry for one hour, and then tried

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obtained in 3 cases in which only the tendency to anemia had

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of railway traffic which was to commence on March 16.

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Therefore, Resolved, That this society hereby express their high appreciation

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the administration of ether, is, therefore, a serious mat-

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the blood, the nature of which is still unknown, and hemorrhages are then

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hungry men may be tempted into a service which is now

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belongs to it, shows that the defervescence, which was synchronous

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demonstrations, and ten meetings in the wards of a recog-

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obtained demonstration of the regular occurrence of syngamy in the life-

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is irritated it may secrete true pus. Often, no evidence

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recommended cutting down upon the protruding bone in

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It was in consequence of the labors of M. Seguin at

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In the later months of pregnancy the fundus uteri may come into

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of tbe truth of Dr. Mayo's remarks, I shotdd not venture

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five times before included in a ligature ; successfully by Dr. Stevens of

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and niceties of Professional etiquette — from paying the penalty

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(3) swollen congested kidneys. In addition, there will generally

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has been reached. Griping and diarrhoea are of secondary importance.

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white, tinged with red, and disposed on loose nodding

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