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ward. There is only one muscle which acts in this direc-

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recommended as an application in mastitis. It is spread thickly under a

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The Corpora Restiformia, in their course through the

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fact is stated that the fruit trees, within the observation of these gentle-

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The Cms for the above were in the hand* of Dr. TelR, i ub j e ct

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experimenter and introducer. He did not claim that his sys-

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may have their origin in pathological changes which take

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means of freeing the system. In uraemic convulsions resulting

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Third edition.) Dr. Beale thinks it is to attract or

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such an ambitious but naive attempt. We interpret this fee

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in the incidence of the disease, it is in general of very

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Reddish-yellow, acid, 1.024, ^^ albumen, negative micro-

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whom two thirds were foreigners. Recovered, 66 ; died, 14.

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upper end of the humerus, or even of its lower end when it is already dif-

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fever at eighteen places ; and measles at eight places.

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morning for the Arkansas amendments in several delega-

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result of degenerative changes going on in the body. While

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Council in Committee of the Whole, Dr. Brock in the chair.

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a percentage on a known factor of skill, which represents his share

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frequently presents itself : this condition is coincident with many non-

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prehend, therefore, why a source of infecti\ity which preceties and

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proficiency in the science and practice of Medicine, Surgery,

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within 1 in. of the umbilicus ; the liver is enlarged also, there is no free

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phymose were stopped, the fever returned and all the old

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hidden explosive here. A stab wound or gun-shot wound

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of minutes that elapsed before any effect was percepti-

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nurses who come fromthe great training-schools of the general hospitals,

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and it Avill be seen by a careful study of the results arrived at, that

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which are explained by no other interpretation of the origin of the

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length of this column, and upon the resistance the intestine offers to

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