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h^^te-ro-dlMu-mus). (Gr. irepoc Miet + ii&vftof
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two parts of tannic acid to one hundred parts of water.
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Antipneumococcus Serum in Lobar Pneumonia: A Chnical Report. By
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EL-GAMEL, M.D., University of Manchester School of Medicine,
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Acts of 1890 and 1891, remains in an unsettled state; and the care and
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Ontario Provincial Hospitals. — -There are between fifty
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section for which they are intended or to Dr. Alfred Reginald
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sanitary measures called for by an outbreak of scarlatina in.
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makes it convenient to discuss the question in this place.
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Dr. S. M. Cate, in Salem, at 2 o'clock, p. m. The president, Dr.
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other group of physicians contended that it was an anomalous
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Altitude. — Hoagland collected statistics of 6116 cases in cities approxi-
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Abscess of the brain is sometimes a sequel to a continued
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incapable of retaining the sugar ingested with the food or formed in the
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But is it possible to determine whether clots in minute cerebral arteries
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with in balancing the account of profit and loss to the state.
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York state hospitals for 1913, with special regard to
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additional increment of heat, until at about 39| or 40°, it has attained its
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Examination of the uterus showed that the internal os
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current or follow-up tissue biopsies were obtained in
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long pulseless, clots form in the heart, and as I have seen, in two cases where
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824 DR Barnes's lectures on obstetric operations, [march
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thelium resembled quite closely a well differentiated
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and peritoneal cavities proved fatal to guinea-pigs and rabbits. In-
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whatever affects this standard. A feeble and sickly community,
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wine and calves foot jelly, and rice-meal or grits well

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