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Other effects of the stable cord coiling, of the persistent placental

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s IVaUS pratique cPAuscuUation appliquSe au diagnostio des Maladies des

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it produces no effect for several hours, but after that time

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this city, and apparently very successfully removed, and she made a

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the business, which would not be so strictij' to our purpose, if quoted

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This is only a beginning, but gives evidence of the intense

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of motion if a patient struggles, and therefore diminishes the liability

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into two portions, one of which degenerates and disappears, while

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Nephrectomy performed under these last-mentioned con-

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on his back, then turn the body gently on the side, then on the face again,

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non-stimulating and scanty food residue. Hydro-mechano-electro-

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been satisfied with the productions of his pen, nor the utterances of

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penalty for one omission of the annual fee the same as that for

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is applied to the part for from 5 to 10 minutes before using

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The following case is almost as in teres tin;i-, which is that

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camphor in equal parts may be painted on, or menthol,

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consist of redness, swelling of the mucous membrane, enlargement of

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that conditions have not become ripe for its becoming

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further experience with it in this brief contribution.

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laid and kept in contact, have adhered and healed by the first intention,

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the point of a knife was applied to different parts of the

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to cause the encroachment of the fragments upon each other

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Db. Walteb L. Ptle called attention to several cases in

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employed it without unpleasant results. His plan is to

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lings of the inguina, diseases of the skin, or bones, ulcers of

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in his soul, comes to the door and thinks that he will

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As I had lately seen some instances in which this agent

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