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ulative theories may be advanced as to the cause of death in this case, the
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New York when out of commission, and ordered to the
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or pernitrate of iron is sometimes elficacious as an astringent, as well as a
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of the centrifugal apparatus as an adjunct in the micro-
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York state hospitals for 1913, with special regard to
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sion.) — Margueritte. Fatal Case at Havre. (Gaz. Hebdom., No.
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culties in the diagnosis of enteric fever fiom clinical symp-
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(5) viscosity; (6) surface tension of colloidal solutions; (7) imbibi-
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present the circumstances under which the sphygmograph is
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and all suspected milk should be so treated. Let the
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patches or growths presenting a granular, tuberous, or nodu-
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of one. They were decidedly not in a fit state to be
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tal. On admission, his temperature was 100° F. ; respi-
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fracture have been injured somewhat. Tlie fullness in Scarpa's
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months, and the generally depreciated sanitary condition of the inhabitants, as
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ing and the numbers receiving gratuitous relief are
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freres to thermal activities and the mining physician asso-
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' If Dr. Scott's papers and extensive correspondence
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The tumour is the shape of a large cherry-stone, seated on a
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The patient cannot remain standing or lie in bed. There is an uncon-
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the navel every day. — (Op. cit., vol. cit.,p. 114.)
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muscles are paralysed, while not infrequently there is nystagmus
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regard to the nervous system, tells us much as regards the
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Proc. Boy. Soc. Med., 1914, vii (Clin. Sect.), pp. 109-113.

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