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of geometry treated therein; Latin — any two of the following works,

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Frizes of the value of £2 and £1 maybe awarded in the several

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may occur, usually as a result of intercurrent disease. Tuberculosis is very

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narv or even the strongest irritations -which excite the sensory nerves produce

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year, 3 terms, £13 13s. ; for the second year, 3 terms, £13 13s. ; for the

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detect, on close examination, that the tongue is beginning to atrophy. It

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This initial mental change is usually soon followed by the development of

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a magistrate, to whom he has been for some years personally known, or by the

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meningitis, that it is hardly possible to make a sketch of the disease which

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lent results from careful orthopedic treatment. A methodical massage of the

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examination of one of the nniyersities of England, Ireland, or Scotland ; (d) an

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(2) The two shell menbranes and some water and mineral salts are added.

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and there, and thus produces necrosis, whereupon the urates are crystallized

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Matthew Lewison, M.D., Clinical Associate in Pediatrics.

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with the percussion hammer. After every blow (e. g., on the deltoid, biceps,

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as are compound, and explain the decompositions that occur in their

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able theory is that genuine chorea is of toxic and usually postinfectious origin.

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itin, etc. Arsenic is more frequently prescribed at present, with somewhat

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two years previous to their metropolitan studies are allowed to count

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development of the muscles, and Spiller has found this to be the case, and

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H6pital Beanjon, 208, Fanbonrg Saint Honor^— 422 beda.

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may refuse food absolutely ; the tongue is coated, the saliva scanty and viscid,

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drop by drop. If the urine contain sugar, the hydrated cupric oxid, which

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ac dItJ 2r^J^*5 ?f l^^K?**! * ^ of 6 .5^7- This Is^ml acltflty. TdSl

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Graefe first noticed that the spasm could sometimes be instantly checked by

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Chemistry, Natural History, Medical Jurisprudence. If the student

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every case. Technical details should be sought for in special works on the

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is admissible to the Second Professional examination at any time after having

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those of the vagus, glosso-pharyngeal, and auditory nerves by branches of the

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of each academic year. These payments include the library fee, and

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more frequent in the diabetes of elderly and obese individuals than in the

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(c) The fecal <^r1s present aiakes ft difffctilt to see the e9«is.

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