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which is an invaluable drug; the harassing cough may
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was looked upon as the dawn of a new era of increased use-
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have been completed) should be open to officers for dis-
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•during Inspiration, or much exacerbated by movement ; also, when the
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kvere isolated and studied. Of these, 3 species were found to develop
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credence at all. As a matter of fact, however, mummy
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Symptoms. — The symptoms are those of chronic relapsing jaundice.
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Dr. L. B. TvcKEBUAN, of Ohio: Would it not be better to rec-
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food has been the same after the operation as before it ; the stump has
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and usually presents long, narrow hemorrhagic streaks converging at
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We pass over those forms of agenesis where the brain is so incom-
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sions, and reciprocal injections of morphine made on favorable
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the method of operating, the author finds wine. Wine and water, milk, beef-tea,
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Personal Experience in the Surgical Treatment of In-
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readily than the breech, the expulsion of which re-
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sional services have a pecuniary value, and that it is morally
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with which a cure can be obtained by the passage of
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the radius with an intact ulna. In either of these cases, the fragment ends may
these are succedaneous teeth, which fix themselves into
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the 28tli a recurrence of diarrluca, fulness of the
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