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an alkaline liquid which is not the contents of the inte^^tinal

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spection of the body was required by the coroner, and the jury were directed

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If prostatectomy is performed in such cases as these,

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ly fed does not apply to those in favorable surroundings,*^

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'*RectaI Alimentatkm in the Nausea and Inanition of Pregnancy ; Intesti-

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different from other lives. There you are ticketed.

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The advisory board, now complete, represents the 3 medical

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W'liat is a Junior? Hahnemann describes tlieni as individuals whose name tags' bear the

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Tex.; South Carolina Medical Association, April 24,

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sive prostration was its principal feature. Accord-

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It is thus evident that to avoid the disease by the exclusion of bacilli, it

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mitted. Very serious and far-reaching consequences may ensue,

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a lucrative practice ; and if, perchance, he should become unpopular,

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totally disabled and still live to old age. As to heredity, the general belief is that

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partnership with a virago and a shrew, said to have been the lot of one of the

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been judiciously conservative, as well as sufficiently progressive.

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assigned to students who are present to occupy them.

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1806. Mr Carmichael on Carhonate of Iron in Cancer. 575

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pempliigus acutus is contagious. To state positively, however, that

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three well preserved specimens of Dibothriocephalvs latus were found

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to ascertain if it were adulterated with water; but supposing the

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which, for want of the corpus viley on which fxperimentum fiat, have

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euphorea sets in, and the patient may feel and say that she is well, though

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charcoal, chalk, slate, and certain kinds of earth. The habit of eating these

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the use of the drug in gonorrluiea, in which disease it has

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