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Gazette only, and preferably to be typewritten— personal and news items should be
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accelerated. The temperature is sometimes subnormal, and the presence
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requires simply an enema. On the other hand, diarrhea presents an in-
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On microscopic examination the connective-tissue trabeculse and the
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nounced anemia in which the cause is obscure the patient's dejections
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owing to the abnormal amount of physiologic cardiac reserve force
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thinner than in health, but much more commonly they are thicker, as in
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mucosa. Some of the predisposing causes, however, have been recog-
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O-eneral symptoms, as constitutional depression, anorexia, diarrhea,
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Carlsbad, Homburg. Ems. Kissingen. Aix. Buxton, and Bath, and in
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by erythema, pain, and roughness of the skin. Exfoliation of the latter
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only evidences being a clear, sallow, waxy complexion, a gloomy ex-
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high temperature and signal prostration, and in the affected side there
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The only one which is of undoubted clinical importance is the
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The Tests for the Motor Function. — More important than the secret-
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(1884), of nearly three hundred thousand examinations of American pork.
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tions of intermediary strengths, thus lessening the number of injections,
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cervix, as quite likely may be the case, there exists a mechanical
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tropics and sub-tropics. Filariasis is most common in Brazil, the West
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very large and poAverful, enabling it to jump many times its own height.
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narrow choana, due to close approximation of the nasal and maxil-
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Definition. — An inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa that passes
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be situated in the rectum, by extirpation by means of sacral resection
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under diseased conditions, this relation has been changed. If self con-
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Diagnosis. — From the use of pure cultures of the special organ-
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monium carbonate, it was alleged by Frerichs, operated in the same man-
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The treatment is that of cerebral hemorrhage ; in some cases opera-
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tion of Gratiolet. From the pulvinar they apparently pass to the
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The urine may be opaque or highly-colored. It is often bloody (in
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of examination of the normal bladder, giving a home-made method of
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is, of course, very amusing to homoeopaths who are familiar, and
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become implicated. Secondary earcinomata are, as a rule, multiple, and

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