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outer wall of the nasal cavity. Looking at the other
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cortical in situation ; and it is not surprising, 'therefore, that its occurrence
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turbance. Most cases of what are termed ' latent ' and ' dry ' pericarditis
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of a rounded bead, will l>e found tlie most conve-
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claimed for the poppy in the first stage of pneumonia, the following
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certain, must have preceded those states of the joint with
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seeming lack of respect, and retired showing signs of an-
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themselves, and we can see and correct the cause before the danger is
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new fact is a mere curiosity, while its value and its uses are
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treatment after the methods of Rollier. Steam heat, hot and cold
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begun working as a caretaker of a pet cougar, entered the
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It was not, however, until four years later. April, 1881. that
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present the symposium. For information contact: Oscar N. Stern, M.D., Program
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matory action continues for a few days, swelling and sore-
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nent feature of the work, are largely discounted by the
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It was noticed after admission that patient had mild convulsive seizures
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"^ravs" derived from a Finsen lamp or an X-rav tube are now con-
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Her first case manager took care of the patient from
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Since January 1, 1909, the rainfall at that station equals 17.841
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the utterance of your patient at any moment after the
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Rest was followed by decided improvement, and after a few daj-s it
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quelques glucosides. Soci^t^ de Biologie, Comptes Rendus, tome 47 (tome 10,
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and alcohol, of the fluid extract of grindelia robusta diluted with water,
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kind, through all time, destined to sutter under this iron scourge.'' Is
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present ; and Dr. Cocks said that he had now a lady
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Harper, J. H., Snow Hill. (Hon.) ; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1905; U.N.C. 1906 1906
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or upper classes and to families with marked tendencies to suffer from
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soon as pronation becomes painful. This cannot be done by a child. The vary-
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to have recourse a third time to calomel, which was

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