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246. Mr. J. -S., June 26, 1900. Variety, bronchial ; duration, 1
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days a paretic patient at the Manhattan State Hospital died
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The eystioercos cellulosus and the strongylus gigas are of much
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had the odor of urine, which was passed naturally, and
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The exciting cause of the individual paroxysm is, in the great majority
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traditional medicines and healers. Niyavuma (Do you agree?) I hope
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was Conservator of the Museum of the Royal College of
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upon Theory and Practice, such as Pepper, Striimpell, Osier
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came, in a manner which does not allow the process to go on
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being excited by the clothing in which the patient is wrapt ? The Small-
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sidered from its strong analogy in phenomena and morbid appearances, is not
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types in such cases as were found to harbour pneumococci.
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pneumonia, when the height of the temperature is undoubt-
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one. As Dr. Abell says after seeing a few cases of this kind the
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Hosiiital and Professor of Obstetrics at the Miami Medi-
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theria, when compared with those for 1801, amounting in the aggregate to
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body. The eggs are thin-shelled, G4 to 72^ long by 36 to 40;^ broad;
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tlie pilgrims, who had brought it from India, and So virulently that one-
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regularly licensed physicians we communicate with our homeo-
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Suspicion was at once aroused that this was a case of
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well, when one day an outbreak of blackwater fever occurs, or he
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whence all the nerve filaments arise, which go to a muscle or system of muscles, always act-
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parts. The stationary part is .a steel bar having about an
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ing with the position of the patient. Subphrenic ab-
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tober 23, 1 88 1. Transverse fracture of right patella.
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The question of diagnosis and operation, in cases of
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,,'.',! ju-t -utliac-nt r,M,mf..rahKkcrb.tuo,;niu,,brd-. The width of the
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declining to provide or renew coverage. Such legislation

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