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Hospitals of Paris. It must be remembered that these
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part with decayed teeth. As pointed out in last report the
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suburbs. There were two smaller children in the family.
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assumed, that the molecules of a body, either inorganic,
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to resemble that of the GlossincB by being armed at its tip with teeth Wines
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He was brought into the operating theatre as soon as we were
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lound in an atrophy of ganglion-cells belonging to the nuclei of origin of cer-
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naiy sexual differentiation, a disposition to hysteria, pro-
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limited to reporting what ought to be the one course of Pro-
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a mere i)hysiological atrophy is apparently established; as, in course
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in part from the superior attainments of young surgeons of
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intendent of the South Dakota Hospital for the Insane, at
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case, however, is a striking example to show how diffi-
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direct fisatiou of the fragments. This enables the sur-
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1 — Quantitative porphyrins in erythrocytes, stool, and urine in 58 patients with
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with a thin line of congestion at the upper edge of the groove; it was very deep
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ter, which increased when it was brought, and expressed the
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was discovered. The ^ pulse became fuller, breathing
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the periplast not sharing in the process. By the former mode
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ing is needed, but sterile water. If there is no HCl in the
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hundreds of cases of transient character; produced by mental emotion
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and he becomes unable to be self-sustaining and the operator
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eral surgery, step-by-step, by a series of illustrations,
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Si-'HiEL read a paper with this title, in which he said
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the ancient method of healing by laying-on of hands.
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by one or two points, and she says that she feels nothing. This
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Physical Signs. — Inspection jaelds characteristic signs. This is a
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such as properly belong to the treasurer, and shall
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Farty Spirit. — Party men always hate a slighty differing friend more
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cirrhotic contraction are the inability to take more than a small quantity of
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(In words which we can but surmise) the object of her enterprise.

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