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of them much better, especially as to unfortunate sequelae,

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into the system and the appearance of the first active symptoms, ranges

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comes a remedy par excellence. Owing to the carbonic acid

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and soft. I have been able to confirm the observations of Da Costa,

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and sense lying near each other, with entirely different endings, so is

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in midsummer. And yet this lecturer says not a word about tempera-

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because of the difference in the life period of the organisms involved

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manifested usually by intense pain in the splenic region. A slight

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July 8th. The last treatment has been continued with satisfactory results,

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The sole indication at first is the reduction of the temperature."

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century that has passed since the first vaccination by Jenner there has

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crease of the large vascular area in the skin and in the lungs is pro-

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Special Committee asked for two days ago in regard to the in-

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thalin, gr. v., every four hours ; dilute hydrochloric acid, x\, x. and water, 6 oz.,

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an alkaline reaction. On standing they separate into two layers — an

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servers, and the evidence of unimpeachable statistics.

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of this compact arrangement of pipes, faucets, and hose.

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" Even in the earliest times physicians thought ice rubbing' the most

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was first done by Porro. I made the eleventh Porro Caesa-

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