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years, and the tons of former ttedents of the Binungbam School ahall costerig
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in his ears to prevent him from hearing voices. Many actions are performed
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Sometimes the disease runs a comparatively rapid course, lasting only a
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my opinion, militate very strongly against the theory of a primary meningeal
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joined to the neuritis. In such cases of " neuromyositis " the poison seems
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name placed on the OoUege books without passing the Matriculation
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mic Pathology, course of Ophthalmoscopy, Ophthalmic Glinic,
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disturbance of the muscles of the tongue and the other speech muscles is occa-
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etc.). I scarcely believe that I am mistaken in asserting that the grand
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parently an irritation of the central sensory tracts (Edinger). Any marked
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sides, but sometimes, instead of the normal flexion of the toes, there is a con-
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which, however, do not entitle their holders to practice. A license to
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vL^'L'^i J^'T;* ^ if? P»«'S^^'s«»«s are iKi -asset ♦djlt^per-
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tories, for example, in the muscles of the forearm and hand on one side or in
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in Surgery of any University recognised for this purpose by this College, will be
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retersd si« to slmHarly record Isaitf^lsatl^ for e»i1ne distesi^r and Itrt^lotts canint
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pain, paresthesia, tenderness, loss of power, with degenerative muscular
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dorsal extension on the paralyzed side (Babinski), and on the well side, on
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four times a week, and later even oftener, if possible.
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Baths also promote oxidation, but they are far less potent than is muscular
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sometimes write his name or some very familiar word. The coexistence of
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the hand is developed, besides the muscular atrophy which is especially notice-
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sponding subjects in this Uzurersity, except Materia Medica and
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ralgia in anaunic people, or in those whose constitution has been impaired
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Cambridge students who have kept two terms, and have passed the
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Autumn, Hall; Winter, Favill; Spring, Bassoe, Hoffman.
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Farriery ; for the diploma of Yeterinary Surgeon, Pharmacy, Applied
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ether and similar substances, after the corrosive action of acids and alkalies,
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in Scieaoe; the svhjeeia are those of the Fretuninary Seientifb Exami-
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Monica Donovan, M.D., 450 Sutter Street, San Francisco.
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Operative Surgery and Insanity, each, £2 2s. The mininiiim oost of the
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or a copy of the purchase order (Order for Subsistence). On nag 4, vou
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The occurrence of tetany in infancy has still to be briefly considered. It
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(q. v.) may offer symptoms similar to those of tabes. In these cases the chief
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injury of the cervical cord, and especially after a complete transverse lesion
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George William Bartelmez, Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy.
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