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Interstate registration for license to practise, 730
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patient lay on his back, with the thigh rotated outwards, and the
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the portal and periportal zone of the liver. This was similar to the
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next chapter, should always be sought after in cases of apparent cholera.
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composition of the blood and other tissues, seemed at present to be premature ;
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purpose, when I come to investigate the best mode of applying
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curious phenomena might Le cited as ultimate facts, which we
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Medical College and in the Medical Department of the
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the subject of ;i trial for manslaughter at the Central Criminal Court {Reg. v.
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referred to, especially since it has acknowledged its mistake by correcting it.
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adults, and men, are more frequently infected than invalids, women, or
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only a singk chromatin mass. In smears from the lungs and spleen
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any of the proceedings of the session who hasJ not complied with these
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tainly deserves commiseration for his ignorance; but on the o-
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directly, or which may contaminate the atmosphere. The disease
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the second, third, and fourth days, and the necessary sub-
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dalacin t gel 30g 1
Example 5. — I was called to see an infant, a month old, which was
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whether the Physicians of old Rome were or were not slaves.
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The heart and the large vessels are sometimes greatly con-
infiltration — is hard and brany to the touch — so great that
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Abscess of the brain is sometimes a sequel to a continued
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menced, and left no traces of hemiplegia behind them.
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of his patients. He had again and again heard physi-
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dozen chills in all ; four of them were violent, and after
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bury, was chosen as delegate to Thb Auebicait Medical Asso-
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to make the regions correspond to these proportions, the
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tremens in which, after repeated large doses of opium have failed to procure
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now realized a profit of £1,821, which Her Majesty
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and the portion, if any, left undivided between the lower end of the
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Wisconsin regiment. He was captured in battle at Chickamauga and was a
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one drachm, and the tartar emetic to two grains : no general rule, how-
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ling, sponging or misdirected irrigation, opens the vascular channels,

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