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and the specific organism isolated from the heart's blood.
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agglutination was incomplete, free active spirochetes were found in
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dition may give rise in the female, after delivery, to the symptoms
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patient to see variously colored lights and scintillations. The disturbance
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represent it in the National Medical Association, at its Session of
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* Durand-Fardel lay stress upon monotony of word or gesture as a valuable diagnostic sign.
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at others on tlio o])posite side to the lesion, contracted pii])ils tl)at do not
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distinctness in the sj^eech, an inability to talk with freedom, and a more
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structure remains.' In the stage where gray matter ijredominates the
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of some abnormal changes in the blood. Hooping-cough is there-
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It is well known that when large parts of the thyroid gland are re-
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In the evening, feeling unwell, she resolved to bathe her feet before
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facts of science, with large and important effects,
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figure with the percentages of infection (100 per cent) found in guinea
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may be found congested and slightly enlarged. The urine is high-colored
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invasion is possible at this time, when the bacteria could not remain
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bronchitis, which this surgeon supposed to have been induced by the ,
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From Table IV it will be seen that Control Animals 14 and 16,
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portion of bloody mucus, often of pure blood, and attended with
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Taccinated by myself or others, not one of those re-vaccinated was
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usual motions to which the person is unaccustomed, and especially such as
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their cases have been cured by the use of opium, and all agree that hys-
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and can recognize friends by their stej) at a long distance. Muscse voli-
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languor, which increases from day to day. The skin and mucous membranes
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In order to determine whether the dose of serum employed is
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left side of the 'heart was hypertrophied, and the ventricle enlarged ;
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imum concentration, the bacteria should become injured and the
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The circulatory s>'siejn is cleansed by washing wiih
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The operation of trephining for traumatic abscess, and the treatment of
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performed for the eleventh time, and hitherto with remarkable
effects of crestor with coq10
Meissen, E., Meine Erfahrungen bei Lungentuberkulose mit Jodmethylenblau
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whole being greatly swollen, hot, and sensitive. Pulse (in the left arm)
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well as motion is diminished. This condition is followed by coma, with
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be due to descending infection of the bile from the liver, to an as-
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vA re- vaccinations in five hundred and sixty-three persons subjected
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The general health of the patient is usually good, and there is nothing that
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The duration of lag is measured by the number of minutes or hours which
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the severe local pain in the chest felt by the patient within such
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ing and burning in the anus. Scraping in anus after stool.
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obscure. The stage of headache is wanting or lasts only a few hours, and
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of the Connecticut Medical Society at their meeting in
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Hence when multiplication is maximum, the generation time will be shortest,
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that pressure upon it gave the patient a good deal of uneasiness. In
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shared by the rest of the body ; bnt it is not edematous.' Sometimes the

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