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parts of the poorest milk." The appellant contended that, under the

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of cases. And, finally, that the interstitial injection of

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Similar effects seem to arise not only from dissimilar, but from appa-

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of quinine amaurosis is most characteristic. There are signs of a

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sheep have been unable to graze for frost and snow, he has fed

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feet by 35 feet and 4 stories high. The central building is

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after convalescence had been established some eight days, suffocation sud-

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diagnosis, and not infrequently it is argued that when this indication is

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science to see one of their number honored as the world of but

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firmly resolved to fill speedily this terrible hia-

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was placed on a small piece of black paper, to which it

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she won Id he exposed to were she to remain in her own home or neighbour-

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at the mouth of the Jordan, and which are subject to overflow.

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flushed ; skin hot ; decubitus dorsal. Pulse 96, incompressible, and of good volume.

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is once started it will last for years. The stems of the plant are

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abolition of its function, subnormal temperature, sensa-

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goat in which the output of milk could be diminished to far greater extent

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wliich extends over the parotid region and part of tlie neck. I have

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tions to the general use of caustic in these cases, and when admitted by

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follow an irritation set up by strong medicaments, such as tar or chrysa-

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peritonitis occur, conditioned apparently by the virulence and number

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quantity in the carotid, showing that it was fornned in the brain. I now

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theory which seems to us a little far-fetched, to say the least, viz :

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was very strong and robust but with leg much shortened.

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* Improved coordination of health care delivery within

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earth, and having no need of consciousness, it remains in its

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Cerebrospinal Nervous System," which was discussed by Drs.

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thSmatique ayant s6vi en Tnuisie pendant les ann6es 1867

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arrangements as far as possible perfect in every particular.

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