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tension in the aorta and the character of the valvular lesioii* Aa aortae ii^

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05 r^ T*< rt io Tt i» io 00 <ocQu?G<»"^^eoioiH'<*«io

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mined rather by the fact — s'ill a pathological con-

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from the lodgment of the discharge on its surface."

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hunger is manifested by rhythmic gastric contractions. These

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3). After resecting the gangrenous bowel, the gastric

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been used as a diuretic ; but it is still more esteemed as

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should be addressed to the Bdltofial Office, W. E. Fitch, M. D., 8. B. cor. Jones and Drayton Sts., Savannah. Ga.

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or scrotum, and as warmth, perspiration, and much sebaceous matter

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St. Joiin ; Corresponding Secretary, Dr. J. H. Scam-

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uremic cases, for in Cabot's series of 92 cases of the latter type there

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which he called the vaginal bacillus, and to which he attributed the pro-

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Can he afford to undertake the expense of the journey and the

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space. Hence, it is a serious matter for vocalists.

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his expense. Should he be too wary to let her dip her hand into

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1893, ii, 65-71. . The third element of the blood and

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sion, and osteophyte formation; in the sjmovial membranes, thickening

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swelling. These conditions when affecting other joints are

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The next highest temperature was 105|° also on the first day in an

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but slight relief. On the following day she was taken to the

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plied the drill a short distance in front of the vertical

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1851.] Morhnd, Exfracls from Soc. for Med. Improvement. 79

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It is on the jtrinciple pursued by Dr. Felheisen in his

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not such as should be regarded as favourable for Esmarch's method. In the

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?toval ArtilleiT Institution, Woolwich, by Frnncis R. Hogg, M.D.,

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Lecturer on Dcrmatolony, aud Assistant Lecturer on Clinical

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kee county, and to those exhibiting ability and promise in

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I am at Present Practicing Medicine and Dentistry in Steubenville Ohio and Am

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seems, however, to indicate that it is due to absorption of the products

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toms recurred. He complained of pains one hour after

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but it doubtless runs up into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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from them they must be used in a certain order, and with a definite relationship

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