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Mr. John Dix submitted a proposition in reference to
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definitely state if this be a curative agent, many years
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or methylene blue and eosin, and examined microscopically, the
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1897, V, 55-57.— Eskridge (J. T. ) Trephining in three
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to-morrow may differ from those of to-day, and both from those of yester-
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12 per cent., and they suggest that, if a legislative limit be adopted, the
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which we call locomotor ataxia was always due to affection
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from thirteen to fifteen daj's from infection to eruption. Possibly the
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Danforth, Robert C, 161 West Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee
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On the whole, not enough stress is laid on somatic conditions
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tion, and patient seems worn and feeble, with pulse
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* Dr. E. Berillon is the Editor and has a large Clinique (Institute Psycho-Physiologique
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with moderate exercife : it may be afterwards wholly removed
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be avoided, if as a matter of routine one smear at least of every case
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the many curious opinions that have been told or written to me. I will only say
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that of Pisa, it is only useful in the early stage of the disease. The atmo-
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practitioner consoles himself by saying that the pneumonia is second-
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TtiberouloHis it commonly produced In the liinftit (whicli uro tho or-
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only when the fluid was examined late. Repeated spinal
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explanation is to found in the feminine footwear, shoes with
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way to set the stage for such conversation is to arrange
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Infirmary. Dover's powder at night, a mixture contain-
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and hospital practice recorded in the Historical Notes on the Treatment of Tetanus, it
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cent. It would appear that with a family history of acute rheumatism
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from its ulceration being absorbed and conveyed imme-
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temperature as to arrest decomposition ; and certain substances that
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on ver> strongly, if at all; and that is that this
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ought not, and need not be ; and even so, perhaps in des-
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often continues for several days after the subsidence of
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directs that $35,000 shall be expended on the grounds, and
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kazsk. med. Obsh., Tiflis, 1891-2, xxviii, 21-27. — Mar-
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this our first introduction will ripen^ not only into
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easily. . . . The general opinion is, that years hot and moist
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applications, pressure, and the application of vesicants —
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velops insidiously; exceptionally in the case of young adults it may be
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Remember, when you do, Benson’s stands ready to give you
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actioiis \yith Proteoses of Various See<ls. .loiir. Inf. Dis., No. 17,
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jacksoniana traunidtica (trepauacidn). Eco d. Consult.,
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seated in the duodenum, from its being occasionally attended with sick-
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at first close to the globe, is found swoUeu, with a creamy fluid
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For the last two months he has abstained from alcohol absolutely. He
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ninety seconds, when he laboured for breath, and the sight was confused. At the
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" No. 4. Weight, 5 kilogr. ; duration (^f inhalations, 25
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brandy in beef-tea was injected into the rectum, and repeated as
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directly after the measles, or after one or more years,
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left hand if persistently used when the right hand has been already similarly dis-
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ture for some days after is the rule, and there may be a considerable amount
the odour of the vomited matter at once showed that he had taken coal naphtha.
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small and delicate cells, imbedded in a finely granular or amorphous
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whom more than fifteen thousand reside in Georgia, use no other eme-
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under the disadvantages of a hot climate, and no preparation, not
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geon, who faithfully carried out the details in every particular.

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