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and disinfection, because in localities like New York and Bos-

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those eases in which there were more or less severe attacks of

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for red-tapeism and the clashing of the powers of the

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gion, there was no unpleasant symptoms referable to

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In addition to the employment of the tartar emetic, he, in some

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presence of peptones and albumin in the urine, aid in the

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with the head, that came from a patient March 27, 1870,

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The next form, which is more serious, is the venous

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constitute, with the Recording Secretaries and Treasurer, the committee

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gm. This was dissolved in 0.1 per cent, sodium carbonate solution, and

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from health.* Again, persistent huskiness of the voice may be the

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ities, rich in the jewels of good deeds, immovable from the path of recti-

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the best means for the further propagation of the principles of

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glory as the profession has to spare belongs to the doctors who

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Dr. Spiller also reported a case of Jacksonian epi-

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illogical use of statistics. We think it can be demonstrated that

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some intestinal disorder. In fact purgatives may set up an attack of cholera in a

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Quite a £>on to doctors who appreciate a simple

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Surgeon to the St. John's Hospital for Skin Diseases), so

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Dudley (/. A^n. Med. Ass., Chicago, August 1901), in cases wliere ne-

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was very sensitive and apparently fijced. Owing to the

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ing lengths. As a rule, surgical operation must be preceded

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126 Massachusetts Ave., Corner Boylston St., Boeton, MassacbuBetta.

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bute the act of softening in most cases to post vioHem digestion, the

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supports it when placed upon a couple of chairs for use. It is

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In other instances, however, there is a more or less decided

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And just as little does it become chemistry to give a decision

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