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509. Appearance of a drop of blood in Leucocythemia

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qualified the student will be to care for the sick and the

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swollen and faintly red, but not painful. The red patch that had been

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a good supply of green vegetables the whole year round. The

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milk, broths, toast, stale bread, crackers and similar articles which

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germ-killers. Each will absorb sulphuretted hydrogen

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aged thirty-two, who was affected with diffuse and circum-

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American College of Physicians. Edward C. Rosenow, Jr., m.d., Executive Director

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guided by a study and appreciation of the characteristic

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(gr. i). Dozed all next day ; easy when quiet ; mo-

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tion in fevers, and seem to indicate the suspension of its necessary

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dispute seek what we think would really be a disadvantage

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subbasement of a tenement house because a case appeared in one of

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with the consequent death of the child. The mother was a Il-para, perfectly

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may well believe him, in view of the contrariety of doctrines promul-

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viz., the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th of December,

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as far as they went, (see Lancet July 28th, 1877), there being no

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tient, and doing the leg up in an immovable plaster

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I. Taking this view my first proposition is that the true field

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The presence of albumen in the urine may always be recognised by its

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retained after the extraction of the stone, as the great objec-

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M. Limousin believed that pich^ acted especially on the

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berg that it is dissolved and mixed with the protoplasm. In a more

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the large. Unquestionably, intestinal antiseptics which possess the property of

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have come to administer these very doses, for these purposes.

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mucosa varied from 1 mm. to 3 cm. The average was 9.9 mm. The

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the end of the ninth month, the lady was safely delivered.

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that employed upon other parts of the body, the latter calling

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tional Nervous Diseases. By Landon Carter Gray, M.D 377

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PRECIATED. With Notes illustrative of the Influence of the Mind over the Body.

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ences, chronic rheumatism is at once distinguished from gout

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yond what they were accustomed to, even in health. I can-

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suggest the likelihood of permanent success or of ultimate failure.

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precipitation of albumin (globulins) in the blood of animals similar

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implicated, but these soon become soft and fluctuating; the hairs

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variola, diphtheria, scarlatina, measles, etc., but he will

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rial preparations, came to the conclusion that in serious

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Italian cities. In Naples there were 90 cases the last

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and a proper occasion offered, he purposely left some bread on the floor

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Hicks, in 1861, of the bipolar method of version, subsequent

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them all the time. There is a heavy feeling about the eyes con-

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that I have used and do use some; I have ful to the laity. They do not hesitate to

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