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consider that when they have tested for albumin they have done their

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as a whole, shared in the prejudice, and joined with unction in

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rise to palpitation ; the uterine functions are more or less

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but mildly. Those families which did not take the preparation were,

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business done was the election of Dr. C. J. B. WiUiams a

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Another element in- the progress of the near past is a

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hollow of the sacrum. Then drawing down, you give the

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ficient, high colored, ammoniacal. If not relieved, the

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by tenesmus. As a name for the disease it is not very distinctive, its etymology

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by stimulating and healthy suggestions, and in a short time the woman

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volume injected is desired. A xevy satisfactory instrument

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ond stage is absent. In the furious form the desire to bite may

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hyperemic effect, the greatest intensity of heat being

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right track. The experience of a very few cases sufficed to

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affected part of the brain failed to reveal any changes in the subcor-

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idle to say this is their own fault ; Ihey cannot help it: In every instance

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and I used them until 1876 with satisfaction. Since 1872-3

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shaped, measured from point to point one and a half

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Perforation. Fecal Abscess. Painful Tumor near the Caecum . . . . 366

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of the socket. As soon as the tension exercised by the presence of the pus

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{b) The gait shows peculiarities like those met with in other hysterical

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And as the first regular annual session of the Association closed, I

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the ankle joint to the upper third of the thigh, and joined

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