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with the real, it may be remarked that the Judge either places certain

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Keep in a black glass bottle. The dose is one table-

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the later epidemics is not consistent with their notoriously greater ma-

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neoplasm. He discussed quite extensively the nature

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lowering of the blood pressure, as in cases of shock.

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are sometimes found in the fetus. An example of the presence of ulcer

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But I am of the opinion that the term should be preserved, not only be-

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at the trephine opening and distinct pulsations felt. The pulse was 80.

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cessary carefully to investigate, where this is still possible, whether

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Clinical Psychiatry. A Text-Book for Students and Physicians. Abstracted and adapted

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ligence of the child; if it is already feeble minded it becomes more

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Carcinoma of the Uterus and Mamma, we light on one on

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the hand is placed over the pra^cordia. The patient is also painfully conscious

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monk of the tenth century, who subsequently became Pope

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Another form of the suddenly-developed malady is that due to an em-

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newly-formed connective-tissue proliferations have spread over

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rage. Shelf after shelf was examined, but that speci-

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tiplication of Tr. Lewisi is passed, the large form disappears, and

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take occasion to remark, that the appropriate meaning of the word " pestilent, " a-i

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supported by many cases and by abundance of argument.

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the swampy woods beyond, is perhaps three quarters of a mile.

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the amount of nutrient matter contained in a soup, especially if as in

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the western part of the Dominion, and it rather surprises one to

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mating the pepton percentage in the gastric contents. I

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General of the State of New York, Dr. Vanderpuel, late Surgeon-Gene-

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is usually a marked lymphocytosis (36 to 48 per cent.) and moderate

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with it ; but certainly there must be few, very few, left who can un-

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necessary; but, although the trachea had not been incised, the operation

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the tongue is moist, but furred ; the saliva is acid ; and the

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gastroptoeiSy and even were their existence undeniable, it would not

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n, s., cxiii, 566-570. . A piece of steel in the vitreous

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without exciting any considerable irritation; let us see how

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eighteenth century, excluding, however, such men as

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