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an indefinite, period the respiration be simultaneously embar-

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lateral and posterior walls. The firm attaclnuent of the peritoneum

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Saumaise 8 thought he did. Sprengel is angry at the

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rated susceptibility to reflex excitations, and the electrical excitability,

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or on the succeeding relapse. In more than one such case there was an

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hacteria-therapia, which might be termed comical if it was not

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charged May 30. Seen again on October 7, 1901, when

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in their bearing on the identity of typhus and typhoid fever.

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Colombo, Ceylox.' — Two thirds of the population are

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There can be no doubt as to the value of salicylic acid.

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rather difficult to control the depth of the incision with a scalpel, espe-

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would be well, as Nothnagel suggests, to pay especial attention to the con-

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intestines, lungs, and heart;" but Niles d could find no assignable

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who, with the aid of Abderhalden himself, first at-

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general paralysis became evident. In some other patients, years after the

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seemed to be only a question of time and endurance before the entire

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Taking the averages of the eleven men and eight women,

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Archives Gin'erales de M'edecinc for October, 1S84, two

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hours, taking regular, but moderate daily exercise in the open air (during

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Only once did the patient vomit. The pain lasted for two

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of unhealthy appearance, in the right groin, and another in the

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should be kept from the sight of blood, just as some men

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1st. That the diseased breast should be supported in a

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the case of weak and elderly persons, some suitable stimulant is generally

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depressed, striated cicatrix, which is permanent in after

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sufficient, and should be taught with its practical application.

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Stiles, Ch. Wardell: Therelationof cow's milk to the zooparasitic diseases of man 223

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to the sacrnm, are to be wrapped in a skin smeared with wax ; this must extend to the parts

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