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also to stand traction on the tube. It is therefore

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tary and nervous perturbations, and possible ingestion of an

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All communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should

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directly or not, we may surmise that it improves the nutrition of the

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dropped into the eye from three to six times in the 24

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may so overwhelm the organism that it does not respond with fever so may the leu-

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or parts of acts heretofore passed in relation to medical

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Altitude. — Hoagland collected statistics of 6116 cases in cities approxi-

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tension current as well as from galvanism, but both have

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of the palmar aponeurosis, and that a mere division

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Naunyn's in a civil hospital, who, with an axillary

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in 75% of patients with aortic tears, but may be seen in 95%

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white mucus, mixed with blood; and this is followed by profuse purging.

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The remedies for the cure of these diseases are gen-

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than usual wetness of the summer, or to an extraordinary ex-

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weeks after operation the patient went home. Passage

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tive Jan. 1, 1964, seat belts as “standard equipment”

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General to be 626,000. The area is 6,111 acres. The city

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ud of the deceased, who had accidentally tasted the greens, were very

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alone should not occasion its discontinuance. If too-

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Inflammation and Turnovers in the Breasts. — From exposure to

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felt in the tumor, which was only evident by careful pal*

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Miliary T u])erculosiH irliicii ejave a positive Widal re-

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phagocytic power of .the leucocytes will clear up the balance.

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of the ovum forms a whole with the body of the uterus.

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able substance as an adjuvant toother emetics, because

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thus aggravate the disease. This is exactly what Hahnemann told us

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ments, filed in OCT, Tfc Control Div, form OCT 345.

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psychoanalysis: “Children and adolescents, both, need to

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ably contains; and in reference to that paper, and in reference

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fore, should we not as readily and unobjectionably employ the agency of anaes-

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portion, although still living, is densely infiltrated with the cells of the

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somewhat elevated, but for several days before death it

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