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even the most circumspect and watchful must in their daily
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must be adiled to make two hundred pills. Each pill con-
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cases of tabes examined by Strauss, digestive glucosuria resulted
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free use of iron, which was of so much benefit in allied disorders.
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promptly obtained. It is easily applied, and, except in some rare cases, requires
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pose. The solution of nitrate of silver, however, will seldom fail to effect a
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ach and duodenum. It is capable of inducing vesication of
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charge, chain in hands, with crown electrode 15 minutes, and
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has been allowed to absorb potass or soda. 2. Organs con-
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presumptive evidence that the pure word-blindness was of the occipital
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appear; but the corner teeth do not come for several
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you, — viz., those of Dr. Jenner and of Dr. Dundas. Further, to avoid
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is owing to the zinc hoving a greater attraction for oxygen
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marks are sometimes called angioma, meaning a blood tumor,
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great deal of talk and scare among the laity, and some of the
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" A curious fact is shewn by the experiments of Dr. B. ; that
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Herpes labialls is sometimes very annoying, especially to ladies.
pression and tension of the nerves, produced by encircling and draw-
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developed. The muscles of the back are weak. The muscles
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Also [Abstr.]: Gaz. m6d. de Par., 1890, 7. .s., vii, 318.—
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demics prevailing in the cities in 1764 and 1768, when it was believed by
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full strength, by means of a Burgess spray. The parts
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not seem to lessen the chances of subsequent relief by tracheotomy, except
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or \o. .">. English Bcale, introduce into it an ordinary wire, and at a
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worked industriously for seventy years of that period at least, carrying
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«,ffinity. Quinin must act by reason of its presence,
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side. Tliomas' perforator, the only suitable instru-
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whether it shall be recoverable at a future time, is to be determined by a
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upon certain culture media. They are apt to be somewhat smaller
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increase, but other impurities, such as the products of
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that the only justifiable means at our command is palliative,
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chloral every two hours with as much milk as possible. Boy
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" Jly deal' Haughton, — A number of cases have been
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causes combined" as giving rise to nervous disease. I

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