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carefully dressed by the nurse, had practically healed up without causing
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rather more properly, hetro-phasia — that is to say, she lost the power of
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ammonia dissolved in water may be injected beneath the
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is not of very great value. In 305 cases with systolic pressure of 160
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Stones in the common duct are usually the result of the
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chronic nephritis, so that death was uot attributable to
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4 hours, while awake, for a total of 5 capsules daily for
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ventilated forecastle and exposed to the gases from a coal-stove.
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culture. The question arises whether these organisms are not one
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and quinine, which seems to be the only remedy, has frequently nearly
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had immense audiences every evening during his stay,
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last large branch from the arch of the aorta and passes behind
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was much flooding, attended with great faintness, prostration, nausea, &c.
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eased parts — the microscope even failing to reveal any
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the same name, that we are obliged to apply their remarks and coun-
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containing intestine only when the intra-abdominal pressure was
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of a preceding culture when a sufficiently long interval elapses between
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mon duct nearer the surface of the mucous membrane. These tubules pass
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deeper parts of the derm. Unquestionably, septa occur in typically^
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and eventually transformed into hemoglobin, the essential
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portions of the nasal chambers in each case. Besides this,
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enjoyed uninterrupted health from the date of the operation, and an en tiro
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diastase, which, placed in a solution of starch, changes the starch into
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Karlier il, the .an.pai^Mi thi> eoniplieatioii ua^ ot lieipient oceurreiue.
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ment, thus tending to stabilize, so far as possible, the protein
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tions to the general use of caustic in these cases, and when admitted by
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shows a curve from a rather mild case of discrete smallpox.
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more than one line in breadth, on each side of the cavity of
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Prince of Wales he predicts trouble in carrying on their business by correspond-
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enactments were made with reference to the health of our vast
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believe even the masters in neurology would presume to locate the
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oil, and 1-2 ounce each of essence of lemon and oil of

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