yellow atrophy, and the anatomical features have already been
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Notwithstanding the distance of the artery from the surface,
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primary morbid tendency may be doubled, involving both the nerve
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laboratory worker is bitten by an infected tick or accidently inoculates
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tional forms and to indicate how they can be distinguished clinically
bichloride of mercury were injected into the vagina
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investigators in all parts of the civilized world, conclusively prove
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642. Rice Custard Pudding— Ingredients— ^ lb. best rice, i}i
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cially good results in pneumonia with cal- tococcus or the B. coli or the B. procya-
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by his pupils and colleagues in celebration of that event.
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parts of the State where the inhabitants, it may be in-
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Never before was Newmarket so well attended, or the
that they are placed on record and they are a valuable
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it all remembraDce of its former existence amongst us, until within the

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