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irregular paralyses, changes in the optic apparatus,

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methods of scientific research by which those sciences

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in the Graduate School of Medicine of the Ogden Graduate School of Science on the

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see how frequently such cases as this are treated for in-

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mentary paper by Von Graefe, from which it appears that in

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the fauces have been previously affected. — Dr. W. Gayton, London Lancet.

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private practice. It keeps its officers supplied with the latest

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pils of the intermediate and grammar grades, while patriotic choruses

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torial Department, should be addressed to the Editor, 126 Massachu-

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meet with many such eases occurring in late atiult life, Tlien, too, exteoMw

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il^rine of lower animals ; but the drudgery of the task, and the result of our

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of the usual size, but of a cineritious colour. The

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inferior maxillary branches, the first being normal and the

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holic stimulant taken with meals is often useful until the normal powers

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or three times a day. A warm bath, once or twice a day (not so

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both eggs showed progressive changes, in the other follicle one

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legs the quadriceps extensor group, and, in the trunk, the abdominal

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the base of the fifth metatarsal bone over the cuneiform

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rich peripyloric nerve supply such reflex vomiting is very apt

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finally to release the spring by sliding the trigger, Fig. I, C.

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