Clofranil 10

parishioners. On the original assumption, the mean duration
clofranil 25 mg indications
clofranil tablet uses
teen per cent., and even lower. Considering also the
clofranil tablets side effects
two of which an early defervescence ensued. The diagnosis was not
clofranil 10mg
clofranil 75mg
those of an acute character in a single day — the whole interior surfaces
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clofranil 10 mg uses
through, and the edges of the wound of the cornea thus made were brought
clofranil sr 75mg side effects
sixth rib; dislocation of the metacarpus of left hand; dis-
clofranil 10mg side effects
period following the injection of uranium there occurs an increase
clofranil sr 75mg
must be regarded of first importance ; therefore any thing interfering
clofranil 50 side effects
special treatment as soon as the strictures were en-
clofranil 50mg
some time previous in connection with the fullness and tenderness pres-
tablet clofranil 25mg
( ii .iin*- riK'l Ih'iI "t -I, lining;, with i .irbi'l I'm li-iii I in 2o t'nr the i nuiitor-
clofranil for premature ejaculation
Fig. 395. — Trauma of the cervical region of the spinal cord, simu
clofranil 10 side effects
is freely irrigated with a i per cent, solution of markasol, and the
clofranil 10 mg side effects
than does the nucleus. The nuclear chromatin is stained a purplish
clofranil 50
The eystioercos cellulosus and the strongylus gigas are of much
clofranil 25 mg
preputial adhesions and the removal of accumulated secretions. I believe this
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&c. — Dr. Stoker remarked that at the last meeting of the Society, in answer
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clofranil 25mg side effects
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Thos there are often tremblings and jerkings of the limbs ; but especially
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being more or less completely suppressed. Petechise may be observed in
clofranil 10
arts. But the registering of a trade-mark gives to its owner
clofranil sr 75 mg
granulation it may be gray and semi-transparent, or yellow and

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