Medication Claritin

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than in pneumonia. In collapse the respiratory murmur is feeble or absent

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It is, like most oral diseases, chiefly prevalent among children during den-

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Treatment. — The treatment of intermittent fever is divided into that for

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passed the poison reproduces itself and sets up a second fever. A more

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Percussion shows a uniform increase in the area of hepatic dulnees,

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its distinguishing lesion ; it makes its appearance on the second or third

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Metastatic parotitis begins with a catarrh of the ducts ; there is first

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It should be performed at this point under all circumstances if possible.

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the tissues become cedematous and should constitutional hectic or

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the dislocation is reduced, a Yelpeau's bandage may be applied or the

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Morbid Anatomy. — It differs from catarrhal bronchitis in the character of

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ten), when the disease subsides. Unless the person gets en-

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slightly until finally the end of the artery was pulled off and the ligature

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ute, thus differing from that of other fevers in which the rule is an in

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proportion to the rest of the organ ; it is hard, and sometimes has a carti-

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much, which is the main etiological factor. Organic cerebral disease and

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discharges continue for some time. The urine next appears, although its

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careful stimulation. An artificial supply of moisture relieves the dryness

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the existence of hydronephrosis may be determined by it. This tumor

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Dart of the body. Subluxation of a vertebra may bo anterior, posterior.

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chloric acid. Blood is often vomited and the stools may be tarry, owing

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yellowish in appearance. The parenchyma is soft, flabby, and brittle, and

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Terminations of Inflammation. — The inflammatory process, as thus de-

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quietude, not even being exposed to drafts of air or rays of light. It

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and hardened (sclerosis). In other cases suppuration may follow and

medication claritin

loss in the contractile power of the muscular coat of the intestine, there is

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are at first short and sharp, and then feeble. If, however, the myocarditis

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