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for such and such a phthisical patient. All depends on the nature of
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patient's elbows are supported on a bed or table and he is asked to pull
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periphery toward the center ; the change is believed to be due not to
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the morning of the eighth day and so continuing until
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patronize laundries and washwomen. It has also been sug-
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depth by 1 mm., and in the particular fork on which this
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had been taken in the preparatory details, and every
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blood of the affected fingers in a case of Raynaud's
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sweats she has had only three weeks. She I the bowels; he had no cough, and had not
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localized to a particular point at the top of the head, or to one temple,
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lation to the future prosperity of the Alumni Association
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there, is a relatively i)erfect structure when in the horizontal
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prohibited. The patient should take free exercise in the open
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in medicine, however, that which ensures its cDnstant progress,
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an insular cirrhosis with diffuse parenchymatous hepatitis, and an
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the fact to be that it is not so ; and it seems to me
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eczema rubrum (^ saU rheum, "). After the epidermis has disappeared,
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infection, or absolute avoidance of obstetric cases while
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served in infancy and old age, or where the rate of mortality deviates
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ing ; but I may fairly say that I never called on others to
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Carcinoma of the Pylorus " which had caused death, but
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Dawson Williams. The details of this series of experiments were stated, with the precau-
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Use of tlie Kola-nut in Armies.— During the manoeu-
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Europeans, and one of them has asserted that after sub-
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the oval forms of micrococci, which he found in the capillaries of the
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Some of these discrepancies are, of course, simply errors or blunders.
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with hematoxylin and eosin, eosin and methylene-blue,
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the blood itself), in which the blood count is so often of value in

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