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lar function belongs to the cells of animal tissues, that all life

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tion. The profession generally admit, that the most successful

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them carefully, but also get a correct drawing done to add to our collection. In

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Above all you teach her the priceless lesson for a woman of the value

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Ml \|()ll< <>l ■Till S I I < k I K I I.I.OM

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ternity cases, it applies to the care of the mothers

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tion has the great advantage over tracheotomy of permitting the

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provement in apparatus for making extracts and decoc-

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pathognomonic of the presence of gall-stones. Malig-

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one type of fever and that (under your breath) is typhoid.

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different situations, has been supposed to be involved in certain cases of

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treatment, became much worse, with incessant vomiting.

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present at the banquets, those connected with the classical

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material : March 24, 11 a. m. (25 mg.); March 25, 10 a. m. (10 mg.). Inocula-

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by assuming that the ball had struck the under part of the clavicle, and had

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large or heavy to be carried over the infantry pack. Sufficient

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hemorrhage ceased ; and it never returned. The patient lived a

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at a temperature of 37° C. And it seems possible that such a break-

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of fibrin stained with Magdala-red. The fibrin, which is dissolved by the tryptic

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also with a weak solution of listerine made from some brought in

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poisonous modifications (toxoids) possess, therefore, the specifically

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genital malformation of the right heart where the ventricles are usually

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ment of patients to their varying needs — its adaptability — is one of

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The report on Necrology was presented by Dr. George Bing-

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parative de I'holocaine et de la cocaine en ophtalmologie.

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for some time after the accident. There was a serious injury

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Liinh. By Thomas Annandale, F.ll.S.E., Surgeon to the

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tioners are in need of a safe, palatable, nutrient tonic.

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of one of his contemporaries, that, on Dr. Mott's return from

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