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Diagnosis. — The symptoms of acute gout are so charac-

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In the February number of the "Annals" of the Anatomical and Sur-

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Whole corn contains 0.76 % P^O^ while highly milled com grits has approxi-

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thread on the sharp edge until it had been cut in two,

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road clearance from nearest highway regulating point.

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other part of the face. A sycosis of the upper lip is, I believe,

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explain the persistence of the epiphyseal lines in adults. The period at

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on July 14th. Said he had taken cod-liver oil, malt, etc., before

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be given, so as to keep up the action of the kidneys.

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suppose, rather revulsive than depletory. Similar relief may usually

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analogy; in well-marked cases of both diseases they are throughout

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is applied to cellular tissue contained within the cells of the car-

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internally. It is more frequently used externally in charges

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the hope that their absorption might take place after the work

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as the characteristic features of different cases vary. Any-

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period when no patient should be operated upon — they all die —

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less of occipital pain. Continues restless, holding right arm and hand with

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'''' 'F^vflThistory.-Both parents, four ^''^^^^'^'\^l\'l^^'ll

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Definition. — A chronic inflammatory disease, character-

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attack, the vagina to a sensitive finger feels hot and dry, even

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fully removed if taken earlier. In addition to these two

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gular and lateral, during the last three years, in consequence of the method intro-

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Past Illness: In April, 1944, there were complaints of

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Considering, that the difference of teaching respecting the

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which it flows. Here our chief aim is, not to put anything into the

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of the cases, 22 were known to have l)een fatal. Of this number four,

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Surgic;il H-me. 9 p.m.; Knyal Orthopedic Hospital, S p.m.; Wew

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suit now rests, and we trust they will not be inactive in a work, on t!" : ex-

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fever remains high for three to five days and falls by crisis, to be suc-

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Chronic endometritis plays the most important role among the diseases,

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as clean as poffible. — As the contagion of the dif-

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