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enteric fever within the last six months, all of which have

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ing fluids by the rectum, or subcutaneously, if no fluid can be

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ano-rectal pouch before each stool with an unguent containing one-

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ful. The diet should be full and nourishing, but not

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The second, a female, aged twenty-five, had Graves's

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it descends to the stomach. With increasing dilatation, there is in-

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response to limit ischemia and reperfusion injury in labo-

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is dependent upon the presence of pigmented parasites within the

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When sitting in a room, this carbonic acid gas which comes from the

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passed from between his lips, through the glottis, and became

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called ichthyosis palmaris et plantaris and keratoma plantare et palmare.

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sonal freedom, their powers would have to be defined

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has been my good fortune to visit each District once, except the 7th and

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canal of secretions and cerumen, the removal of foreign bodies, and the

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Philadelphia. Publication Office: The Francis Clark Wood Institute, The College of Physicians

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had dealt roughly with a whore — a crime, it is time, but certainly

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readily counted on one's lingers), nor any large experi-

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Ciphering was especially difficult for them, and in recita-

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that medicine is to be stationary; unchangeableness is incompatible with

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cases the growth of these may be so luxuriant as to form a large mass, which

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"The Georgia Practician/' a new monthly medical journal under the

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specimen consisted of a uterus bicornis, the left ovary being well developed,

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stone composed of the oxalate of lime, and next to the latter is

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rarely fail to promote the alvine evacuations, and are used, figs for

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(b) — Spinal j Strychnia, Brucia, Quinia, Cantharides, Exercise,

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with the beginning of the development of the emotions,

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as possible after symptoms begin to return; in fact, it is well to

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peculiar course and disposition of this tendon. It strengthens the capsule at the

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one of the recorded cases of death from chio- \ 1 The Editor, in a note, gives the priority to Mr.

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lower part of the shoulder-blade stands too far off

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the temp'es to the neck. Tnese attacks of cephalalgia were

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the Finsen procedure is the best method of treating

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afford accommodations unsurpassed in most respects, quite

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' ' -'iC'ett- uould often become in.ected uith di-ea<e, for on more that.

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