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and passed upon by the whole conference at the annual meet-
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i from the public that we need to be more aggressive. We
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from inflammation or secondary haemorrhage ; or life was per-
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there are many persons engaged in the practice of medi-
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The treatment should be such as will secure the two great
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Surgical Handbook : for the Use of Students, Practitioners, House Sur-
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affection with septicaemia. In the very mildest cases the affection never
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inflicted, the woman would not have died ; therefore, the act of the prisoner
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Edward Aaron Gravely, M.C.P.S.O. — Dr. Gravely, of
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results from the division of the nerve, is likely to be
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Portsmouth. In about six weeks afterwards a strong smell of burning was
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engorged, morphin can bo at once withdrawn without shock,
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On such a basis have we any right to draw any far-reaching
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although some of the anatomical ones are hardly more
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Fowler's solution, saturating himself with it again and
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only modeller's plaster should be used ; but this is seldom to
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showed eleven cases of dermatitis which had attacked
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has followed along the fresh furrow of the fallow plough and
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his own State, but was gratified at the work done in
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first stage, so that no vesicles form on the sharply-bounded flattened
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have a sharp onset, the curve rises to a peak, and declines rapidly.
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ing from leuchtemia, and induce an examination of the blood.' For
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injections, as well as the improvement under such treatment. With regard
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use of formularies of this class is always somewhat
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vise its more extended use; only in this way can we
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a single mad dog, for similar instances have been so
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and usually does, precede their discovery. All the evidence points
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chronic nephritis, so that death was uot attributable to
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chemistry of the body can change ingested iron into the
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solution. 1 It should only be done after the peritoneal cavity
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Sir D. J. CoREiGAX : Then I beg to move that after some
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The patient was a boy 9\ years of age. He had fallen half a
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are cousins, brothers, sons, who have managed by hook or by crook to
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which may obstruct the arteries of the lungs, liver, brain, or other
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and 342 intubations with 99 deaths, a fatality of 28.9 per cent., and
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tion of the two sets of glands. By the prolonged ex-
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comparatively rare. The intensity and duration of symptoms will naturally

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