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emulsionized with water pjg lo.— Miliary tuberculous fungous granuUtions from el-
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the end of five months, but has not become pregnant.
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that they, in common with the ignorant part of more civilized
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shelves ? the wall surface above the table is required to
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and now records a large number of cases. He made a report at
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blueness of the lips, and vomiting." Tlie youngest,
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longer be a real focus. Light rays falling on a spherically
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truth. One of the first lessons we are taught in surgery
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Czaplewski that in the application of Gram's method a momentary
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attention to diet, as recommended by Dr. Graves, generally
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went on to describe four cases which had come under
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their comfort and care, and the family example and teaching converted
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of haemorriioids, with which general name we shall designate the ve-
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me, that Heim has here described nothing else than scarlet fever in
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periods of waking, and the pupils vary in diameter with
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ganic impurities do not cling to or soak into such soils, (c)
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opposed an obstacle to the introduction of an artificial eye. The
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the onset of severe pain in the frontal region. The cause of
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the epidemic that occurred in Great Britain beginning in 1977
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so clinically. This was especially the case in melanotic growths arising
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Therefore, Resolved, That this society hereby express their high appreciation
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Concentric stratification of cells — Homolle, Warren.
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The Session of 1859-60 will commence on Monday, ] 0th of
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and maketh everything dear ; where a man hath a great living laid
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Historical. — It is very probable that the ancient Egyptians had some
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burning in the stomach after taking the acid powders, but thought they made
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