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Correspondence: All correspondence relating to publication of scientific papers should be

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The importance of the cell in morphology (science of forms),

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wiek do naczyi'i mi§§nia podnoszq,eego powiek^ gdrnij.

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of academic rather than of practical importance, since the condition is

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by the directions of Mr. Simon (all the official reports having been

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sides. Occasionally, too, a patient will wake in the night, appa-

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dency to it) in the child. Of course, the constitution that made

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great majority of cases, the condition depends on obstruction of the passage

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be allowed to possess. All the circumstances pointed to one

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drowsy. The next day she was unconscious ; the pupils

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ing so much to the sufferings of oesophageal stricture.

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funct.onal class, par excellence hysteria nosis of functional disturbance of the heart

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ysm. Trousseau was also an advocate of this form of treatment When

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The frequency of this disease, and the suffering it occasions, renders its

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success at an unexpectedly late period ; but bear in

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the aorta. A greater portion of them, but not all, may also be reme-

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shown experimentally by Frankel and ob- antiseptic solution, and treated lightly


report cases of cirrhosis of the liver resulting in cure.

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