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Pericarditis Callosa (Galvagni^. — A form of chronic fibrous pericarditis
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bacillus in growth, size, and form, and differed simply in
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The incubation period has been studied by Marchiafava and Big-
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mencing at the inner canthus of the right eye, an inci-
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when the attacks appeared (and these came on irregularly), the
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sufficient to account and apologize for the material indif-
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of April, 1854, " and on each of the five succeeding Fridays, a car load of pa-
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12 Jour. Biol. Chem., 1912, 12, p. 13; 1912, 13, p. 63.
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cently published in the " Pharmaceutische Rundschau " some further
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symptoms, nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress, are prominent. Extreme
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and passive, the former being trypaniform and the latter anioeboidal in
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,j oreasingly like an Era of Scarcity as well. So as
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The other ingredients are worthless, or of very little
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Institution. His case came up before Prof. Mutter, who, upon exam-
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patient's pulse. The canula was withdrawn, and upon examination the pelvic
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dies as a local application in his own practice, with the most marked
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this is moderate at first, but quickly and steadily becomes more 9
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suggested by the inspired volume against "doing evil that good
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ing and interpreting scientific facts, and of success in at least the former
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representing a total of 4,762 hours, which are apportioned as shown below:
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will write, edit, co-author — save your valuable time.
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"It is a difficult thing for the asthmatic, I know, overwhelmed
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erings. Evaporation is thus prevented, but not vaporization.
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Dr. L. H. Dunning, of Indianapolis, could not agree
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able substance as an adjuvant toother emetics, because
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as the ideal set of conditions, a working minimum of theory and
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tepid sponging first; and if this did not reduce the
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specially made for the purpose. The upper end of the soil-pipe,
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Gravel Soil, healthy locality, near Bushy and Richmond Parks.
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ofiicer. In post-mortems where the presence of poison is

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