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Chart 1. — Map of Serbia showing railways and chief towns, and numbers of
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The bodies can also be seen in sections " in the sub-
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a drop of splenic fever blood into sterilized yeast
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concerning it. The most popular is that of Charcot, which is
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dence of syphilis. We have removed the enlarged spleen in three pa-
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and behind the fall, the w-ater was turned on for some other
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the question, which was not published in the report of the physicians of
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abundant precipitation of " pink lithates " being looked upon as
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mit Beriicksiclitigung der atypischen Typhusfalle. Ver-
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associated with neuralgic pain, and following the distribution
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treatment, became much worse, with incessant vomiting.
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stituted, and a solution of atropin instilled 3 times daily.
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184 Clialiners : House as Contributory Factor in Death-rate
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of frequent occurrence that such a one dies while en
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whatever. The only precautions necessary in the operation are : first, to pass
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tablespoonful of Saltpeter, three times a day, and in bad cases give
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the scalp the most efficacious treatment, in his experience, is an
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side of the vessel. The corpuscle passes through the cement-substance between
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a rare case, for happily this complication was very seldom met
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9725 Garfield Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55420-4240
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1,673-679,1 pi.— Merklen (P.) Note surlapfirispienite et
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The Southern Surgical and Gynaecological Association will hold a
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reception of patients by December of the present year, and
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for the disorders indicated, so when it is impure, it is not merely
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minority physicians in our study had established practices in
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of healthy and morbid nutrition, into the wide field of
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struction Frederick commenced the study of medicine. He ob-
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raisins, 4 oz. of dripping, 4 oz. of white sugar, a teacupful of milk,
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operation was done under chloroform, a horseshoe in-
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mooted at our annual meetings — none advocating it
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selection of Drs. bull and Weir to take charge of the service is a most happy
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acutely inflamed mucous membranes of a common cold. They should be
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TiNSLEv, W. W., M.R.C.8.E., of Sheffield, on Maich 27, in his 40th year.
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