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till a deep lumbo-sacral curvature is formed in the upright posture.

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provinces. During the earlier part of this period mucli of" the

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Even those surgeons who studied with interest and advantage this

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considers digitalis alone dangerous in the ease of very rigid vessels;

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has a singular and most inexplicable connexion with the urethra.

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to treat it. This is the reason for the preparation for fasting. It is

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painstaking search for carriers in the infected portion of the home.

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winter resort for Easterners, and a summer resort for San Franciscans,

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vaseline and lanolin aa 15), with iodinevasogen (6 or 10 per cent.), or

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villages in any way affected by canal irrigation ; and they found

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drive from St. Moritz; The Lower Engadin; Tarasp, 3950 ft., excellent

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English Sauces: Worcestershire, anchovy, soy (India and China),

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cent, but in spite of her returning health, she too was found to be

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haustion, and vomiting iiave been observed. Then, with chloroform,

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the hand — a tendency quite characteristic of this affection, which is

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weakly the organism of Plimmer and organism BE; and the organism of Curtis not

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edly inoculated into the abdominal cavity of a rabbit. It was found that the animal's

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improvement than similar patients under the usual medical care. It is

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did so, finally, in several places. No evil result followed, and on

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given in the committee's publication. Other volumetric methods, based on a similar

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crease being in the one instance 16, and in the other 14 inches.

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milk or in an equal quantity of some sparkling mineral water (Erlen-

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depends upon the factors mentioned above, and how much upon

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4.19. — No effect of the poison visible. 4.22. — Breathing rather

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c.c. "E.xt. BIR" intraperitoneally on January 15. Guinea-pig 43 received 1.5

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inoculation on which temperatures were observed, that is, the

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two hours, 5 ; asleep at any time during the night, 2 ; headache on

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always been moderate or even noticeably small. Here it is of course

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nelle, passing over this last to the front of the left frontal bone, and on

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a precipitation of the earthy phosphates. These appear when the acidity

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and accurate observation have brought to definite knowledge the

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protein when injected intraperitoneally; and fourth, the simultaneous injection of

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nature now depends. Rightly regarded, neither view is incon-

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more area is required, and the whole plant must be designed for

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and with swinish phrase soil their addition." Nor, even while we

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