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duodenal mucous membrane is also markedly congested, injected, and
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It occurs with great frequency in girls from seven to fourteen years of
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pation will tend to establish the cause of the obstruction.
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in the operative treatment of empyema the reader is referred to text-
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so much that patients are troubled Avith a desire to urinate frequently,
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the right ventricle. Percussion may enable the observer to indicate
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effort to overcome those enemies of human life to which I have
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the food before introducing it into the stomach. Before resorting to
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What has already been mentioned in the case of hyperemia of the
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Dietetic treatment is of great importance. It should be remembered
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cause constriction of the bowels, bile-ducts, and other structures.
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ishes the phosphates Avithout making the urine alkaline.
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is an excellent nervous stimulant as well as antipyretic. It is given
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secondary to catarrh of the nose and nasopharynx. Wright attributes
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6. Fatty cirrhosis results from the abuse of malt liquors in some
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reaches an enormous size, and instances are recorded in which nearly
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spasm of the intestinal muscles, are important features.
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{d) Floating Heart. — The structures that serve to maintain the heart
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points in the treatment of this aff'ection are identical with those discussed
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and last from a few minutes to an hour; relieved by hot applications.
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nents; he gave no opinion as to what might be the animus of either side,
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laryngeal nerve, causing aphonia and hoarseness ; or on the trachea or
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with some of the pathological, and in this way will give the truest
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treatment of the stomach is merelv placeboic. Nerve-tonics combined
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Definition. — A chronic infectious disease communicable from per-
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geal adenoid tissue may also be present without great enlargement of
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primary, due to general causes, or (2) the result of local changes.
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sionally seen, but large ones are of great rarity. They are prone to
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L. 2. Paralysis of the legs except the psoas. Anesthesia of the
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and compress, or of hot, moist flannel cloths, kept up for tAventy minutes
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ness at night. Sulfonal is a good hypnotic in these cases. Cathartics,
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delicate, and often neurotic children : this is usually noticed in the early
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Diagnosis. — I would strongly urge an exploratory celiotomy as an
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demic form. Kinyoun first suspected the presence of Malta fever on
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strength? What part of the theoretically correct prism will
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stand before you, and in behalf of the Massachusetts Homoeopathic
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