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come to consider its pretensions in this other light, I am com-

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Trustees appointed him to the Chair of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

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perfons funk under the diltindt fmall-pox. In fuch cafes the

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.Asthmatic cigarettes also failed to give him any relief.

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tive atrophy of the peritonaeum after peritonitis, particularly when the

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better be excluded from the treatment of these abscess cavities,

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tive results of many careful bacteriological examina-

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The City of Mobile museum is just a short walk on Government Street. It houses some

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recently isolated. He says he has occasionally seen carpo-pedal

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I have myself carefully and anxiously watched very many cases

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qualifications needs to undertake the much more onerous task of

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Anatomy was, is and always will be the foundation of medical science. The

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were from the West Indies. And as pressing as were our own wants,

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use of emetin in one way or another. We have also seen a

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one of the most common causes of dyspepsia, and is associated with that

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matic, and died of acute phthisis after giving birth to a girl,

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into the trap which is then induced to pass from the bowels!

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admirable reports of Farr may enable us to go a step farther

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filamentary striae. They differ from cancer, and especially firom glioma,

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ingly an important case of this kind which occurred

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' Miiller. Drei Fiille von Pneumopericardie, Deutsches Archiv ftir Klinische Medi-

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ceedingly sensitive to the slightest pressure. The patient's powers became

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applied two inches below, and the pressure of the other slackened, though re-

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paraffin in adapting itself to minute variations and the absolute

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mistaken notions rcgaiding t lie ( ill in c It's at-

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dissemination occurs within a few moments. The removal of tension

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deposited in the muscle, they continue during the life of their host

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as this has become, whose popularity is attested by the

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on the impartiality of the independent inquiry that has

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affections exantbernat<"uses. Union ni6d. de la Gironde,

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royal I2mo. volume, leather, of over 500 double columned pages. $1 50.

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CoNDiCT, A. W., assistant surgeon. Resigned, to take effect

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repay careful study. This table and diagram were furnished through

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Dr. J. 0. MuLHALL, of St. Louis: I think that a great deal

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