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mentative rather than of a demonstrative] character, and supports

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and had the tumours removed. The second baby next presented

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one recently for twenty-two days, it being removed after the sixth every

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hoping that the abscess might discharge itself per rectum or per vaginam. On

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rays are finally cut off, and the softer beta rays next, until the filter is increased to 1 cm. of lead,

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that the diagnosis is difficult, and, among other examples, I may mention

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ties like Rose and von Ley den. The consensus of view is that tris-

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Of course the use of arsenic is but theoretical, though

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ing the mastoid, or even using Wilde's incisions, oper-

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the jjatient dropped down on the bed quite dead. After

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ent, but rarely possess the importance that they do in other kinds of

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Symptoms. — Loss of power and wasting, usually beginning

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" ;3. That it would be desirable that the provisions of

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of all . fevers to putrefaction;, in hot climates. f

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Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology — Certified for Special Competency in Dermatopathology

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snails (F/u/m alexandrina, P. microplenra), and in these

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test yields a positive result, it is apparent that the urine was not

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comparison with the aperture of the glotis, the elasticity of the

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larger quantities, adhering to the sides of the glass vessel and forming

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Federal public health service, upon filing of a sworn

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it would be a sheer waste of time for me to detain you with.

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I'aniplitudo d'accomniodation avec la refraction statiqne.

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may be said, also, in regard to the presence of tubercles — a condi-

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communications should be addressed to Dr. Thos. Stuait,

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ons e?e bloody. They recovered in the course of a few d • ^

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If pellagra fails to disappear or to be markedly reduced in amount,

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was enlarged to about three times its normal size, was extremely

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