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minisii or prevent the liieinorriiu^e from interstitial iiiyomatu. Suljse-
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the integrity of a very small area, the respiratory center, of the brain
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That is the long and the short of the whole transaction.
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the history inquired into ; it should be ascertained if any treatment has
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Retreat, in Philadelphia, Dr. Xorris says, " Diagnosis by
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Fothergill and Haberdeen assert that sudden deaths have
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given early in locomotor ataxia greatly relieved the
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the nature of carbonous (or carbonic) oxide and concerning
which nothing else could overcome. Every physician should
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quently observed, the daily amount of urine increasing from
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This, the first volume of a series to come from the Clinic of George W. Crile and Associates,
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they are content and often almost happy in their afflictions.
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enlargement must be duly taken into consideration in any doubtful
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Fever patients need rest, not only sleep at night, but rest during the
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urine negli accessi convulsivi isterici ed epilettici. Rac-
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rationally indicated. Occurring generally in connection with rheumatism, if
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nerves and for which he has described a special course. Their exis-
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In the report to the London Clinical Society, previously referred
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1886-7, XV, 32-39. — Randolph ( R. L. ) Sympathetic
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generally speaking, the simple effect of stimulating
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swelling has returned. An X-ray picture was taken three weeks ago,
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murmur. There is roughness of the valve, and the sound is with the
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quite paralytic ; and from the cervical vertebrae downwards, all power
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Prof. T. E. Fraser said that the chief question was one of dosage.
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ments were greater than their literary power, and who,
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Dr. C. Banks McNairy, Kinston : In looking over the statistics I

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