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Pain was quickly diminished; the diarrhoea soon abated; effu-

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and often running together over extensive tracts so as to form an imperfect

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The West Indies and some parts of South America carry the super-

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Case 111.— Operator, Schede, 1886-90. Dorsal region ; duration,

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otherwise, it would not deserve the respect of the meanest in-

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" Most chlorotic girls feel weakest and worn out during the

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been hitherto endemic in that locality. And to render the experiment as

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When the colon was shelled out of this jxKrket the fold was seen

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and the blood escape freely, trepanning may be deferred when the symp-

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become increasingly nonfluent, eventually resulting in a

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p. X-=' of poppy tears, of acacia juice, of pepper, of gum, of each p. X-i' of blood-

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forced and excessive action so long as spasmodic retention of urine has been

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type, but a pulsation of this nature must be seldom obtained at such an

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become stronger) every half hour until positive change. But if,

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he has died suddenly, from rupture of a large vessel, or from angina

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that were attributed to it. People who were wasting

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forcops and I^owder's, nor even state how many years the latter c«nic into use after the

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1. The foot affected was capable of being restored to

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women. Of the 283 women in both courses, 53 per cent, are

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have been divided and brought together by sutures, the strain

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extract. In view of the facts above stated, it is important that those

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cluded (Op. cit. p. 270). No absolute distinction can be drawn ; the carbon is

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